Metolius Custom Fly Rods Products
Signature Series:
This is the ultimate expression of the fly rod. Starting with RX7+ or RX8+ blanks. Both
of these blank models are proprietary which means they are extremely strong and
lightweight, these are truly awesome. This series covers the entire spectrum of fly
fishing, with a 4 weight through a 10 weight, anything is possible. All blanks are 4
piece and the ferrule design is so good that they feel like a one piece fly rod. Standard
components for this series include high quality SiC single foot guides, machined
aluminum reel seats with wood insert and flor grade cork for the full wells or
western style grips. Extra wrapping details, custom feather inlay, personalized
inscription, rod bag is included. RX7+ fly rods are medium fast action, RX8+ fly rods
are fast action. Lifetime blank warranty, lifetime component and workmanship
warranty, free yearly maintenance and cleaning.
Sage VT2 8'6" 3 wt 4 pc
Signature Series inscription
The big fish fear me
Signature Series 9' 3pc 10wt saltwater fly rod
Custom Signature Series RX8+
9 Foot 3 Piece 10 Weight
Baja Saltwater Fly Rod
Custom Signature Series RX8+
9 Foot 2 Piece 10 Weight
Florida Gulf Coast Fly Rod
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Metolius Custom Fly Rods
By Sam Schreiner
I have recently added Sage to my
line and am really promoting the
VT2 series right now. They are
my favorite blank from Sage's
entire line.
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